There are over 43 different species of dolphins belonging to the dolphin family.
Three of the most commonly known is the Killer Whale, Common bottlenose dolphin and the Amazon river dolphin. How ever there are much more.
Dolphins are incredibly smart creatures. Of one they one of the only animals that understand that they are being them selves in a mirror. (Other animals humans, some great apes, elephants and magpies) It is not one hundred percent confirmed but most believe they can due to experiments done with mirrors.
In this video, you can see a dolphin checking themselves out in the mirror a habit that is never displayed when meeting other dolphins.
Dolphins form extremely strong bonds withintheir pod and are very curious.
Some can leap up to 9  meters (30feet) into the air and can dive to a depth of 300 meters (990 feet). Most dolphins are a greyish blue and skin sensitive to human touch.
Dolphins do not use their teeth to eat even though they have 100 of them. Their main use is to help the dolphin catch and swallow the fish whole. Dolphins often eat up to 13 kilos (30 pounds) of fish per day.
Dolphins are highly social animals that live in pods of 2 to 30 though this number varies greatly depending on the location and species. Some can form a superposed of more than 1000 in food abundant regions. They work together to surround schools of fish balling them up. Taking turns to plough through the middle taking their share of food.
There are three common types of pod groups
Nursery group
Female and their calves gather in these groups to raise their offspring which will often stay until they are around 6 to 8 years old learning and bonding. If a female becomes pregnant they will return to their natal pod to give birth with her female relatives. Males don’t normally get close to these groups and leave them alone.
Juvenile pods
At a certain age, both genders leave their breeding group and join other young dolphins. They engage in socialising with others and establishing a preamble to mate. And if a female becomes pregnant she will join the nursery group.
Teenage males have been videoed playing a throwing game with blower fish poisonous to them for entertainment. They often squeeze them to experience a drug like high sensation unfortunately if they squeeze too much it can kill them.
Adult Male groups
The structure of these groups are very complex and are rather similar
to a human male group. Often males related to 2 or 3 others will join together to cooperate. Two males may stay together for 10, 15 or even 20 consecutive years.
Dolphins communicate with their pod through complex whistles. Each dolphin has a unique whistle that others use to identifytheir group members.
This is just a small insight into the amazing world of dolphins.
All this information comes from responsible websites and they deserve the credit for their great effort and research they put into understanding Dolphins.Unknownkiller-whale_000

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